Bet Debora, the house of Debora, is a platform for the exchange of ideas among Jewish women. Our aim is to bring together women with different approaches to Jewishness and who live Judaism in different ways – whether as members of the different movements, or through an interest in Jewish culture, history, arts and tradition – and to offer opportunities for sharing thoughts and experiences. As Jewish women, we want to learn together and from each other, and thereby sustain and develop Jewish traditions. Our aim is to promote the position of women in Jewish life. We invite women rabbis, cantors, activists, academics, artists, and other interested women and men to discuss and reflect on topics of concern to Jewish women. Contributions of non-Jewish women are a welcome and enriching addition to our discussions. Interreligious and intercultural dialogues are important to us.

We organise talks, workshops and international conferences. Additionally, we produce podcasts and record events which can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Our languages are German and English.

Bet Debora Wien was founded in 2020 in Vienna as an independent sister organisation of Bet Debora e.V., Berlin.